European Style Coloring Trolley

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Capacity : 60-90 liters
Rack : No rack facility
Wheel : 4 wheels
Material : Fully Stainless Steel

Prominent Features of Super Shop Shopping Trolley

  • Stainless Steel Construction

The trolley is made with high-grade stainless steel. That is why it can withstand heavy weight. At the same time, of being stainless steel can prevent rusting. So, the trolley can be used for years of years.

  • Weight Capacity

The trolley is not the same as the other ordinary trolley. The total weight capacity of the trolley is up to 90 liters. Surprised? Yes, it can bear heavyweight. Sometimes many customers are seen with one more trolley but if you have this item, keeping one more trolley for the single customer problem will be solved.

  • Easy Transport

It is very hard to move with a heavily weighted basket in the super shop. The trolley has 4 wheels so that it can be carried easily. Just fill the trolley with goods, hold the handle of the trolley and push to move the trolley. Simple.

  • Durable

If a metallic product is extremely strong and rustproof then you can expect longer performance from it. The trolley is such an item that can give you longer performance. Do you want to get a durable super shop trolley? Just think about this item.

25 reviews for European Style Coloring Trolley


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