Industrial Trolley

Industrial Trolley

The industrial trolley is the most versatile, durable, and have large storage capacities. Industrial trolleys are vastly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. These trolleys are very adaptable and fit with all kinds of large distribution facilities. And this trolley can be customized as per need.

We Gtech Industries specialize in producing the perfect industrial trolleys for different needs. We manufacture a different variety of heavy-duty trolleys for serving different businesses. When you need strong and reliable industrial trolleys, you can easily trust GTech Industries.

There is some kind of industrial trolley that we are able to provide :

Single Platform Trolley:

flat Platform Trolley
These single platform trolleys are designed and developed using quality raw materials. Our corrosion-resistant trolleys are durable, rigid in construction, and require low maintenance. These platform trolleys are apt to carry & transfer heavy loads from one place to another in various industries.

Double Platform Trolley:

Double Platform Trolley

A double platform is very much essential where you need extra carrying load capacity. This flatbed trolley is suitable for transporting items of many shapes and sizes up to 500kg. This double handle platform trolley is manufactured with strong tubular steel and 18mm ply decking. This warehouse trolley is ideal for use in supermarkets, D.I.Y stores, factories, warehouses, offices, and more.

Wire Mesh Trolley:

Wire Mesh Trolley
Wire mesh trolley is another finest carrying trolley. These wire mesh trolleys build from quality materials. These are mechanical strength, durable finish, dimensional accuracy. We offer both standards and customize specifications as per requirement.

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